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[Pre-Order] SWAROVSKI Flat Backs Hotfix, Factory Pack



Product Details
Guaranteed 100% Original Swarovski Hotfix!
Guaranteed 100% Authentic Swarovski Hotfix!
Guaranteed 100% Genuine Swarovski Hotfix!

SS6 = ~ 1.90mm to 2.10mm
SS10 = ~ 2.70mm to 2.90mm
SS12 = ~ 3.00mm to 3.20mm
SS16 = ~ 3.80mm to 4.00mm
SS20 = ~ 4.60mm to 4.80mm
SS30 = ~ 6.32mm to 6.50mm
SS34 = ~ 7.07mm to 7.27mm

Shape: Round Flatback (HOTFIX)

Article Model 2038 = For size SS5 to SS10

Article Model 2078 = For size SS12 to SS48

Simply apply heat using home iron or hotfix applicator to the surface of the rhinestones, the glue at the back will melt and adhere to the fabric.

The 2078 Hot Fix Swarovski Xirius Flatback Rhinestone is a very modern, multi-faceted, round stone with a flat back and a slightly raised top that brings an outstanding structure to this crystal. This is a basic, staple for any hot fix design or application.

The 2038 Hot Fix Swarovski Xilion Flatback Rhinestone is amongst the most brilliant crystal rhinestone in the world. The 14 alternating facets on the stone's top and the foiling on its back achieve a reflective light pattern that forms the stones brilliant luminosity.
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