MONSTERKRAFT Rhinestones Clay, 60 grams/set (892-901P) - Monsterkraft
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MONSTERKRAFT Rhinestones Clay, 60 grams/set (892-901P)

Shopee Exclusive

Product Details

Sold by: 60 grams/set

color A: 30 grams + hardener B: 30 grams

A simple 3 steps process to make elegant one-of-a-kind Bling-Bling Jewelry!

1) Mixed the clays A & B in 1:1 ratio evenly.
2) Fill it into the cabochon base (picture frame, open bezels, ring base...etc).
3) Set the chaton rhinestones and wait 12-24 hours for the clays to cure.

Full Instructions:

Prepare the following items before hand:
1) Disposable Gloves
2) Water
3) Wet Tissue (Baby wipe)

Optional: Prior to start mixing the clays, put the clays (the entire zip lock pack) in fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is to reduce the stickyness of the clays and make it easier to handle.

Step by step:
1) Wet your hands with water (or disposable gloves) and blend together two equal sized balls of Part A and Part B clay until they are mixed evenly.
2) Put aside the mixed clays and wait for 30 minutes to let the clay get harden a bit.
3) Roll the thoroughly mixed clays between your palms until it forms a smooth round ball.
4) Press the ball into your bezel and create an even smooth surface flush to the edge of the bezel.
5) Set your Pointed Back Rhinestones onto the clay. You have 90-120 minutes of working time before the clay starts to harden, so take your time.

1) The clay has a shelf life of 2 years. When it is fresh, it's very soft and sticky. Put them in the fridge before mixing them will make the clay stiffer, less sticky and thus easier to handle (before step 1).
2) Over the time, the clay will get harder. Put it in ziplock bag and run it under the hot water for a minute will make it softer. 3) Rhinestones picker pen is a super handy tool for picking up small size rhinestones (SS6 to SS10).
4) Wet tissue (Baby wipe) is used to clean your hands.

Estimated quantities to fill up the cabochon base:
1) Picture Frame, Oval Filigree, 28x38mm (18x25mm Oval Cabochon) - 2 grams

Shopee Exclusive

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